The Giordano’s began their love affair with food while in the grocery business, in the early 1940’s. Angelo Giordano and his two sons Don & Louie would eventually move their business down the street after purchasing the Harbor Bar in 1961. The brothers soon formed a love for the business and a strong partnership. Little did they know, with many years of hard work and dedication, they would transform that little neighborhood bar into the elegant steak house it remains.  They had made thousands of friends and even more unforgettable memories along the way.  In 1995, they knew it was time to pass the tradition on to each of their sons. Jeff & Tony Giordano would inherit the business they had already dedicated much of their lives to.  However their partnership was cut short, after Tony lost his battle with cancer in December of 2009. Although we miss him dearly, the family remains strong. Jeff and his son Jeremy keep the family tradition alive.